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Handing Over of Books “Unified Business Laws for Africa: Common Law Perspectives on OHADA”

Unified-Business-Laws-for-Africa-1On 7 June 2013 in Buea, the Cameroon Federation of OHADA Clubs (FCOC) organised two ceremonies to hand over the new edition of the collective work entitled “Unified Business Laws For Africa: Common Law Perspectives on OHADA”. This mission was conducted under the leadership of the Federation’s President-General, Dr. Henri TCHANTCHOU, assisted on the occasion by Mr. Jean Bedel TCHOUAMBIA TOMTOM, President of the OHADA Club of the University of DSCHANG, and Visiting Lecturer to the University of DOUALA.

This maiden visit, that targeted the OHADA Club of the University of Buea (COR-UB), held in the proceedings room of the institution, in the presence of Mrs. Martha SIMO TUMNDE née NJIKAM (PhD), Associate Professor of Law and Dean of the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, University of Buea-Cameroon, Honorary Chairperson, COR-UB; Mrs. Claire Moore DICKERSON, Tulane University Law School, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, Honorary Chairperson, COR-UB. Mr. Jean Alain PENDA MATIPE (PhD), Member, UNIDA, Honorary Chairperson, COR-UB. Mr. Justin MELONG, Legal Expert – Senior Translator, Cameroon Ministry of Justice, founder of COR-UB.

During the ceremony, these eminent personalities, including the first three who co-authored the book, took the floor in turns to praise OHADA yet another time and to view it from a Common Law perspective. The FCOC President stated that the books handed over were a donation from FUBLA (Foundation for a Unified Business Law in Africa, New York) and UNIDA, for the benefit of students in that University, in view of a better appropriation of the OHADA Law by young Anglophone legal practitioners.

Unified-Business-Laws-for-Africa-2In response, the President of the Club OHADA Reflet of the University of Buea, Mr. Henry SAMA, took the floor and expressed his gratitude to FUBLA, UNIDA and FCOC, and promised to redouble efforts aimed at promoting OHADA within the University campus. Then came a question-and-answer session on OHADA topics, between the numerous students present and the personalities referred to above, before the handing over of the stock of books. The meeting virtually transformed into a book launch event as the students literally poured in on the authors to snatch some valuable autographs.

The second ceremony took place in the premises of the South West Region Appeal Court in Buea in order to grant all magistrates in the region with Common Law exposure. As the Presidents of this Court could not be in attendance, they appointed the Vice-President MBENG and the Attorney General TUMI to represent them. Although very brief, the ceremony was very enriching. Except for Mrs. TUMNDE, held back by professional imperatives, all the other personalities listed above accompanied the FCOC team to the Appeal Court. The President of the FCOC once again took the floor to reiterate the origin of the books, sent by FUBLA and meant both for magistrates with a Common Law background working in the South West Region and for the Court’s library. After receiving the books, the magistrates thanked the donors and invited all the participants to a light refreshment offered by the Presidents of the Appeal Court of the South West Region.

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