A legal tool to foster economic growth in Africa

Welcome to FOUBLA

Our goal is to encourage the use of a uniform system of business laws, originally established in West and Central Africa almost twenty years ago. These OHADA laws and the institutions that create and support them are a vibrant reality, working to simplify commercial transactions within and between the member countries, and with partners in other countries and other continents. OHADA has also proved to be much more, as it has also created an unofficial but powerful network of legal professionals around the world, who are committed to the rule of law. Join our network to become informed about OHADA, to contribute your knowledge and experience to development through commerce, and to meet like-minded professionals. We look forward to meeting you.”

The Directors of  FOUBLA.

The Foundation for a Unified Business Law in Africa was founded with a donation from the African Association for a Unified Business Law in Africa, UNIDA US Chapter, to support strategic programs that include sponsoring scholarship publications on OHADA, promote and disseminate OHADA Law in the United States of America.